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As webmaster of this site, I’m taking a little break.

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Women’s rights workshop in the slum


We had a wonderful workshop on women’s rights, social issues and preventing child abuse and self defense today with the wonderful Adv. Smitha Kamble. Thank you for all your hard work and such a well designed programme. Thank you also to The Ambedkarite Association of North America (AANA). Together we can end discrimination.

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Life in Red


Life in Red – A short doco on the discussion we need to have about equality in Buddhism…
Women are the biggest supporters of Buddhism, and yet for thousands of years they have occupied secondary places in the religion they love and support. It is not our bad karma that has placed us in this position, but the misuse of the teaching on karma. Karma means action, karma means we can create better conditions in our life and in the world for a more just and loving planet, and for the liberation of all beings. Its time we talked about these issues and look at how we may unconsciously support the second class status of women on the spiritual path, within monasteries, Dharma and all fields of life. Watch it, share it. Be the change you want to see.