Don’t curse the darkness, Light a candle ..


Dear Friends,

Time flies when you’re having fun. This has been a tumultuous year for Bodhicitta Foundation. It might be the year we finally realize our dream of building a girl’s study centre and socially engaged Buddhist Centre that we actually own!

I have been fundraising in Australia and have met so many people who have furthered our cause! Thank you all, especially all the people who recently attended our ‘Rise Up For Girls’ fundraiser in Glebe Town hall.

We showed the award winning documentary ‘Girl Rising’ which showcases inspiring stories and facts about the power of girl’s education.

Thank you also to our volunteers, especially Rina, who organized most of the event and Justin, Cecilia, Tina, Reverend Bill Crews, Mei Ann, Sarah, Les, Vivienne and so many other wonderful volunteers!

We had 200 people at our event and raised over $11,000!


Some of our sponsored girls & children 

For more information on Ayya Yeshe’s work:


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