Flooding in the Slum


Bodhicitta Foundation has 3 tuition Centres that offer much needed extra study to slum children that attend poor quality schools. Recently two of our tuition centres were under water because the slum areas where they are on river banks – land no one else wanted.

We distributed food to the victims of the flood and our employees who live in affected areas stayed in our inner city centre.

Bodhicitta Foundation currently offers 6000 meals per year to under nourished slum children. We also offer books, pencils and raincoats to children to care for their holistic health.

Make a donation online at: http://bodhicitta-vihara.com/donate/

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    • Dear Natarajan,

      Thank you for your enquiry!
      Unfortunately donations are not tax deductable.
      Please also note that this wordpress blog is no longer updated.
      For latest information and contact Ayya Yeshe, you can go to the website https://bodhicitta-vihara.com/

      With gratitude,
      Ayya Vimala

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