Bodhicitta to Establish a Hermitage in Australia


buddhaBodhicitta Foundation’s spiritual arm, Kalyanamitra fund (spiritual friend) has been going for 14 years and has raised $30,000 in scholarships for Non Himalayan (Australian/ Western) monastics who have a 75% disrobing rate due to lack of support.

Even though Buddhism has been in Australia for more than 40 years, and there are hundreds of Tibetan Buddhist centres catering to lay people, there is not one centre for Non Himalayan monastics to study and practice full time without being charged. We would like to change this and to create meaningful spiritual community and a legacy for lasting generations of monastics and lay friends.

We need $500,000 to buy 20-30 acres of bushland near the blue mountains for a non-sectarian small scale hermitage for monastics to stay, visiting monastics of other traditions (who are also often without support) and as a refuge for socially engaged Buddhists to recover their equilibrium in seclusion. We now have $70,000.

Help us make history!
Kalyanamitra fund
Acc no: 120204128
Bendigo bank
BSB: 633000.

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