WHY? Does the world need MORE places for Adolescent girls to board and study?



NO ONE is more vulnerable than a girl…

50% of all sexual assaults in the world are on girls under 15 years of age.

  • 80% of child sex abuse is on girls
  • There are 33 million fewer girls in school than boys world wide
  • 38,000 girls were married today, 13 girls in half a minute
  • 14 million girls (under 18) married this year
  • The biggest cause for death for girls aged 15-19 is not AIDS or war, it’s marriage.
  • A girls who goes to high school one more year increases her income by 20%
  • An educated girl will have fewer children and will be 50% less likely to have her child die before the age of 5.
  • When girls marry, education ends and the cycle of poverty, violence and ignorance continues.
These statistics need to change.

And we know that education and empowerment changes lives…
Is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and oppression!

Help us to make a difference: www.bodhicitta-vihara.com

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