On the frontlines …


Our women’s job training centre continues to offer classes in Sewing, Beauty Therapies, Computers and English!


I felt a big weight lift of my shoulders the first time I received money for making clothes for a nearby clothes dealer. I feel myself respect has increased. Now I can work from home at my own pace but receive an income that gives me personal freedom and allows me to put my daughter in a good school so she can get the education I didn’t have.’  ~ Kamala, 27, Nagpur.

unnamed (1)

‘My father works as a sweeper. He makes 7000 rupees ($120) per month. People look down on us and won’t invite us into their homes because my father does ‘dirty’ work. I want a better life than that. My family has swept for generations, denied an education because of our Caste. I know my rights, and I want equality. I want an education and not to be identified by my past. I am attending university, but I could not do computer training because my parents didn’t have the money. Now I have a part time job to assist my family. Thank you!’  ~ Arpana, 19, Nagpur

More information at www.bodhicitta-vihara.com


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