Away from the harsh noise of the world …


Away from the harsh noise of the world,
I heard the sweet voice of wisdom.
knowing I would never fit into the ways of the world,
I let myself roam wild over mountains.
Homeless and despised for being unconventional, I developed compassion for those in the floating world.
Unable to get any security,
I was at home in the homeless home.
Told I should fit in and pay for wisdom,
I walked alone down new roads of truth.
Relegated to backwaters of poverty,
I found shining gems of kindness.
Burning on the coals of spiritual growth
the molten bronze to help all beings was forged.
I am nobody,
A homeless wanderer.
My path is the way of stars,
I suffer and boil with all beings
and when its too much I seek the coolness of solitude and meditation.
There is an ancient path,
Only found by those brave enough to go off the straight road. It has been traversed by many blessed ones and leads to the end of death and suffering.
May you be blessed to find it. May blessings shine one you.
May you uncover original purity and rest in the perfect radiant mind of splendour.
Shila, samadhi, prajna
Sarva mangalam
– Ayya Yeshe Aug 2014


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