What is happiness?


Someone asked me what happiness is and if it is achievable….

I think there are different kinds of happiness… Short term and long term… Sometimes tremendously beneficial and meaningful things are hard and dont make us happy in the short term, but they give us a sense of something greater than ourselves, they touch the deepest place of love and compassion in us that tap into the beauty and sadness of what it means to be alive.

So I dont think happiness is the only parameter of a good life. But happiness and well being are also important to a certain extent too.

Happiness for me is a meaningful life lived in compassion and service and love. But happiness is also a mind that is broad and at peace and not clouded by too much conceptualisation, a mind that is purified by meditation to reflect its pristine original goodness – boundless wisdom and compassion and perfect completeness. This path of purification is also not easy, nor is it a path of short term fads… But I beleive this state is possible, and the very purpose of life. If u live from that place of peace and wisdom, everything you do brings benefit and just meeting you others are blessed. – Ayya Yeshe



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