Mothers are Holy!


In India mothers are holy. My mother is an amazing and brave woman. She is uneducated, but after my father died she held the family together and worked as a labourer. She makes less than $80 a month, which was not enough to pay rent and feed my siblings and I. I either had to give up school or find a hostel that would support me. I was lucky I found Bodhicitta Foundation. I don’t want to be like my mother – having to marry to young with children she can’t afford. I believe I can do more with my life. Life is precious. I want to help other girls in poverty. There is nothing worse than going to bed at night with a hungry growling stomach and hearing your mother cry into her pillow.

Now with the help of BF supporters I am studying social work for a brighter future. I know I can do more than just keep the cycle of poverty going. Indian girls need more education. Amongst people of the lowest caste, illiteracy is as high as 35% amongst women. I am determined to create a world where no girl has to give up school to do hard labour as my mother did and girls have more choices.

Thank you for supporting me and helping me attain my dream! – Subhangi, 19 years old.



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