Short Doco about Ayya Yeshe and Bodhicitta Foundation


Dear Friends,

We would like to share our short documentary about the hot topics of Buddhism – Gender Equality, Social Engagement, Finding Peace in a materialistic world and more. All these topics are mentioned through the inspiring story of Ayya Yeshe (An Australian Buddhist nun), her experience as a Western Buddhist monastic, struggle to find support gender equality and then the wonderful socially engaged work with ex ‘untouchable’ Indian Buddhists in the slums of Central India.

We would be very grateful if you would watch and share our documentary in your FB feed and social forums. The documentary is only 12 minutes, but it opens up discussion for so many important issues – like gender inequality, social engagement in Buddhism, the future of Buddhism in the West etc.

The documentary is free on youtube. We hope to make a more in depth and better quality doco in future. Thankyou for helping us get the word alout there about these important issues!

Warm Regards,

The Bodhicitta Foundation Team
Socially Engaged Buddhism for a better world

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