In Tibetan Buddhism, the sacred feminine is revered in the form of ‘Dakinis’ that represent non-conceptual, primordial wisdom that can be wrathful, wild and untamed enlightened energy, cutting through obstacles and illusion. Regardless of the support and institutional biases and discrimination they faced, women have always found ways to seek the spiritual and realise the transcendent. But still it is men who largely sit on thrones, distribute wealth and training and resources (largely donated by women). In Tibetan Buddhism in the West the followers are largely women, but still those who hold power and receive support are largely men. 75% of western monastics who ordain disrobe due to lack of support. They ordain with such idealism and offer so much free labour to keep centres going, but they are charged rent and don’t receive the same training, support and reverence as men. If we really do believe in women’s potential – and our own potential to become Buddhas, we have to stop only supporting men or placing men in power and support racial and gender equality in Buddhism. We need to support and train women teachers. Please consider helping us start a retreat centre/socially engaged centre for women amd monastics in Australia. Our project has been going 16 years and has helped many western monastics find support.

Bendigo Bank: Kalyanamitra fund
Acc no 120204128
BSB 633000
International swift code BENDAU3B
Thank you!



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