Putting a Roof over the Heads of Vulnerable Children


Rani and her family woke up one night as the rain poored in and the roof collapsed in the back room. The children’s clothes and food were completely soaked. A house where the beams have been eaten away by wood worm could collapse and Rani’s four children below 6yrs kill any time. Exposure to rain and the extreme heat of an Indian summer could also threaten the old and yound who live in the home. Rani’s husband is an alcoholic and has been broken by harsh labour and poverty. Rani is just 24.

As temperatures soar above 40c and will hit 45c next month, we are happy to able to make a new roof for Rani and her children. With the help of my sister and lovely people from a group called ‘Lootie free kicks’ we are able to create a safe home for this family for $600 AUD (around 300 pounds).

Rani A little cash can change the lives of half the world who lives on $2.25 per day.

We are sponsoring Rani’s children with protein suppliments and food and education for a better future.

Thankyou to all the wonderful people who helped us place a roof on their heads!
Dont curse the darkness, light a candle.

build boy fam


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