The little girl in this photo is 6 year old Malvi. Malvi’s mother has three daughters, she left her husband and now works as a maid. Because of her work timing she often has to leave the girls at home where they don’t study. She worries for their safety and future if they don’t study well, also that they may be attacked at home alone. Today we are trying to admit Malvi and her sister into our hostel and a quality school. Their school fees will be $250 Aud per year. The cost to change their life and jeep them safe is $40/mth – the cost of 6 cappucinos.. Donations are tax deductable in Australia. Think of the life you can save! email for more details.

The nun in this photo is Venerable Dharnajyoti from Bhim Sena Nagar in Nagpur. Bhim Sena is a piece of government land that approx 600 families are fighting to make as a refuge for poor families. Sadly the residents could be evicted any time.

nun slum


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