The Bodhicitta foundation NGO was founded by an Australian Tibetan nun, Ayya Yeshe, who has spent over 8 years in the slums in Nagpur, India, working with people from the community previously known as ‘untouchables’. Bodhicitta Foundation NGO works in India and other developing countries to empower mainly women and children with education, job skills, human rights, health and wellbeing. We have a range of projects such as women’s job training, girl’s home and education facilities and so forth.

The Indian community we work with are largely people who have been held back by the Caste System. Women and children often fall prey to domestic violence, harsh and exploitative work, child marriage, disease and often struggle to just survive. Ayya Yeshe with her locally trained staff are striving to help them overcome discrimination, reclaim their human dignity and help them realize their potential.

Bodhicitta International Socially Engaged Buddhist Community 

Are a separate but affiliated organisation in Australia and India who offer Mahayana Buddhist teachings, retreats, spiritual activism and who work to create meaningful spiritual connections between Buddhist Practitioners and a sense of connectedness with the wider community through chaplaincy, couselling and Sunday Schools. We aim to take Buddhist compassion and teachings into the world. We are only teach those people who come to us or are already Buddhist. We also:

  • Support Non Himalayan monastics,
  • to empower and train women and future Buddhist teacher
  • stay connected to issues of social justice in the world and engage where possible with compassion and practical action to relieve the suffering of the world

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