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Non-Himalayan Monastics are marginalised


Many people are now aware that non Himalayan monastics have been marginalised and unsupported for a long time, to the point where we have a 75% disrobing rate. Non Himalayan monastics have so much to offer their communities – monastics have time to devote to studying and keeping alive the vast and profound Buddhist teaching and to teaching and offering counselling, running centres and reaching out to the community – jails, schools, hospitals etc. NH monastics enrich the community and offer a reminder that a more simple, compassionate and spiritual life is possible.

If we support centres that do not treat local monastics with the same support, that support only asian males and charge NH monastics (majority who are women), we have to ask ourselves if we believe in the potential of Westerners for awakening, in gender equality and in investing in a long term legacy of Buddhism in the West.

Please join us in creating a centre in Australia in creating a socially engaged Centre and Abbey for NH monastics and lay practitioners. After 40 years of Buddhism in the west we only have two centres that support NH monastics in the world.
Please help us change this!
Kalyanamitra Fund
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Hello! I am Amy, a Bodhicitta Foundation Volunteer!



In January 2014, I embarked on a very eye-opening and life changing journey to India.
Not only did I develop a stronger sense of empathy, but a lot of unanswered questions.
Here in Australia, education is a right and accessible to every child. But in India this is still not the case… for millions of children.

How could i begin to help this cause from Sydney?? I really didn’t know where to start.

But I had hope. I had hope that i would be able to find and support a foundation that was working to provide equal educational opportunities for children from disadvantaged communities, including the Dalit caste in India.

So when I was introduced to the Bodhicitta Foundation last July, I was immediately inspired by the generosity and kindness of the whole team… and I have been volunteering as a committee member ever since.

As a formal child-care educator, I value a holistic education. From essential physical needs, to deeper emotional and social needs, children require all to learn best. To ensure that they have strong bodies, clear minds and warm hearts. Unfortunately, many of the children I met whilst in India appeared so eager to learn that they would give up everything to be gaining “knowledge” in the classroom, but instead they were exposed to incredibly unsafe situations; physically, emotionally and socially.

And this is why I am here today… volunteering with the Bodhicitta Foundation, a small yet dedicated charity that is determined to make change.
To do what is right.

Ayya Yeshe and the teams in Nagpur and Sydney are working hard towards protecting children and young women from harm, caste discrimination and gender inequality.

I believe that by making mindful decisions and taking action, we can work closely with organisations that have integrity and strong, foundational roots to grow.
They also have an affect on us as individuals.
Selfless and altruistic actions, such as giving our time to voluntary service, have the potential to promote positive psychological changes in the brain. It also enables us to become more grounded, giving and compassionate human beings.

This is the type of world that we can create together, and a world in which we can provide for our youth. One child at a time.


Since starting my journey with the Bodhicitta Foundation, I now look at my various kinds of “work” as opportunities to serve. This brings greater meaning and joy to my life. Volunteering has changed who i am as a worker, friend and family member, and for this I am very grateful.

Thankyou to Ayya Yeshe and to all the Bodhicitta Foundation’s volunteers, donors and supporters for all that you do. It is a blessing to work with each of you.

And hopefully one day you may join us, and we will have a chance to meet too!

With Metta (loving-kindness),
Bodhictta Foundation Committee Secretary

Volunteers needed!


Dear Friends,

We all make new year’s resolutions and want to do something to make our year more joyous and meaningful.
Have you ever thought of volunteering?
Have you got professional skills in web/graphic design or marketing/social media?

Bodhicitta Foundation needs your help!

Because we are a small grassroots charity, most of our funds go directly where it’s most needed – helping the slum women and children in Nagpur, India. But if we can’t design new campaigns, maintain our website, and meet our admin obligations then we can’t raise the life saving funds we need to change lives.

Currently we need:

  • Committee members
  • Fundraisers
  • Web designers/ site maintenance
  • Marketing
  • Social media
  • Administrators
  • Video editors and people to load teachings onto youtube
  • Documentary makers

Typically volunteering for us could take 100-200 hours per year, minumum one year commitment if possible; but this is flexible.

Please let us know by emailing Ayya Yeshe at if you can help us make a real difference in the lives of those who live in poverty!

See for more details.